Cellular Senescence, Aging, and Senolytic
Why we need senolytic for healthy aging?


Senescent cells are the root of all evil

Senescent cells pump out toxic compounds that degrade nearby cells and incite chronic inflammation that causes systemic damage and aging.

The scientific theory, established in all the top journals like Nature, Cell and Science, is that those senescent cells are the root of evil.


Senescent cells accumulate with aging

Senescent cell removal decreases with age due to decline in immune surveillance functions.

In some tissues, the amount of senescent cells found in elderly is 20 times more than that in younger individuals.


Senolytics is necessary for health aging

Senolytics are deemed to be inhibitors of various proteins related to cell cycle control and cell survival.

Senescence-induced stimuli lead to normal cells to be senescent, senolytic agents, like Fisetin, can clear away dysfunctional senescent cells and allowing healthy cells to thrive, and promote regeneration of normal cells.

Fisetin, Top Botanical Senolytic
Mayo Clinic found that Fisetin is the most potent senolytic. It can remove more senescent cells than resveratrol and quercetin.
Aging Hallmarks and Fisetin
Aging is driven by hallmarks. Scientists expand the hallmarks from 9 to 12 in 2023. Targeting aging hallmarks is a promising way for overall health and longevity.
      [Resposes to Damage]
      Cellular Senescence
      Mitochondrial dysfunction
      Deregulated nutrient-sensing
      [Culprits of the Phenotype]
      Stem Cell Exhaustion
      Chronic Inflammation
      Altered Intercellular Communication
      [Causes of Damage]
      Genomic Instability
      Telomere Attrition
      Epigenetic Alterations
      Loss of Proteostasis
      Disabled Macroautophagy
Fisetin against 3 aging hallmarks at once!
    • 01
      Cellular Senescence
      Cellular senescence can occur in different organs and tissues. Fisetin can work as a Senolytic to remove senescent cells effectively, and help achieve healthy aging.
    • 02
      Chronic Inflammation
      Research found that fisetin can reduce inflammations via different mechanisms and alleviate inflammation-induced conditon. Fisetin result in reduction in SASP-driven inflammation in vitro and in vivo study.
    • 03
      Mitochondria Dysfunction
      Fisetin activates mitophagy and prevents the accumulation of damaged mitochondria and the excessive production of reactive oxygen species, maintaining a healthy mitochondrial environment.
The Discovery of Fisetin
    • Cell Anti-aging
      Multiple ways to maintain cell health, including eliminating senescent cells, activating mitochondrial autophagy and improving mitochondrial function
    • Younger Skin
      Fisetin is a very potential skin rejuvenation supplement that eliminates senescent cells in the dermis significantly.
    • Prevent Hair Loss
      Fisetin promotes hair growth by the same mechanism as dutasteride,and Fisetin is a strong human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) augmenting compound to promote hair growth of shaved skin.
    • Liver Health
      Fisetin effectively reduced urea and alanine transaminase levels, indicating its protective effect on age-related kidney and liver functions
    • Anti Inflammation
      Fisetin inhibits the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines through the MAPK/ERK, NF-κB and PI3K/Akt pathway, help to reduce inflammation in the body.
    • Brain Anti-aging
      Fisetin reduces senescent cells in brain regions like cortex, hippocampus, and cerebellum, help to improve cognitive function, enhance memory and focus.
    • Bone & Muscle Health
      Fisetin can reduce senescence associated musculoskeletal pathology in an accelerated aging mouse model to improve bone and skeletal muscle health.
    • Lung Repair
      Study showed fisetin treatment can maintain normal function of fibroblasts and improve pulmonary fibrosis, maintain good lung condition.
    • Cardiovascular Health
      Studies indicated PPARγ has a protective effect on vascular biology. PPARγ activation by fisetin mitigates vascular smooth muscle cell senescence.
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