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What is BeFisetinTM?

BeFisetinTM is the brand name for premium fisetin produced by Bonerge.
BeFisetin is extracted from the historically known medicinal plant Rhus Cotinus L.(Smoketree).

Specification: Purity 98% Assay 95%

The King of Botanic Senolytics

Research has found that fisetin is an exceptionally powerful senolytic that can effectively remove senescent cells. As senescent cells accumulate with age, they can cause all possible diseases, aging, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and now somehow also COVID-19.

Highlights of BeFisetin

A Full set Basic Quality Research
Ultra Efficient Extraction technique
State-of-the-art Production Facilities
On Going Clinical studies

Quality Promises Behind BeFisetin

To make the golden standard of fisetin, BeFisetinTM is manufactured under:

  • Ultra Efficient Continuous Countercurrent Extraction technique
  • A Full set Basic Quality Research
  • High-standard production environment
  • BongeLov™ Testing Method + Germany Reference Sample
  • Reliable Botanical Source

The identity test, purity test, impurity test and assay test that usually applied in the pharmaceutical industry and guided by USP requirements, is at the center of Bonerge’s quality research. 

The validated HPLC method is applied at Bonerge to determine the purity of BeFisetin and LC-MS are used to identify its impurities.

Health Benefits of BeFisetinTM

Health Benefits of BeFisetinTM


The most powerful senolytic for clearing away senescent cells

Healthy Aging

Through various mechanisms that contribute to health aging.

Nuroprotection Effects

Fisetin plays a certain role in different neurological diseases and models.

Hair Growth

Fisetin promotes hair growth via different mechanisms.

Weight Management
Heart Health
Bone Health
Alleviates Lung Fibrosis

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