About Bonerge

Bonerge Lifescience is an innovative manufacturer and a turn-key solution provider in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmeceutical ingredients industry. Bonerge is driven by a team that desires exploration and continuous innovation under the belief of “Reverence for Nature and Life”.

At Bonerge, the Western and Eastern wisdom meet. Traditional Chinese wisdom like Chinese Medicine and Western science apply perfectly. Single-ingredient and Full-spectrum extracts co-exist perfectly.

Ingredients are the essence of the health industry. At Bonerge, we developed BongeLov™ Quality system to assure the quality and safety of our ingredients.

A golden promise from BongeLov™: you get the product what it says it is. Buying products with Bonerge’s ingredients, what’s on the label is what’s inside.

Choose Wisely: Quality Matters

Standards for the ingredients include the testing methods and the acceptance criteria, and Reference Substances.

In today’s world of increasingly complex global supply chains, Bonerge offers ingredients to the world, and the world’s most prestigious standards apply. Top international standards including Reference Substances assure the quality of its products.

Bonerge guarantees the content of ingredients, and thus the brands ensure the right potency to their end customers with quality products made from Bonerge’s ingredients.

Choose Wisely: Safety Matters

The safety of ingredients is at the center of Bonerge. Higher purity, which means fewer impurities, heavy metals, residual solvents, etc., confirms its safety in some aspects. However, more scientific and direct measures including preclinical and clinical studies are the regular methods at Bonerge.

Choose Wisely: Love of life

Sparing no effort to empower a healthier world, Bonerge manufactures its ingredients in an eco-friendly way, aiming to offer the world quality, safe and affordable health choices.

Bonerge loves nature, science and life. 

Bonerge Headquarters

Tel: +86 731 82791134

Email: sales@bonerge.com

Website: www.bonerge.com

International Sales

Name: Bonerge Pharma Limited

Add: RM 1607 Trend Ctr 29-31 Cheung Lee St. Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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