BeFisetinTM Brand Story

BeFisetinTM Brand Story

The bonding with fisetin starts on…

With the unprecedented market growth of NMN supplements, anti-aging supplements have become a specialty category of dietary supplements. The COVID-19 pilot study of fisetin from the Mayo Clinic brought the attention of fisetin to the public. As the king of botanical senolytics, fisetin was gradually recognized by anti-aging brands and their users.

Our product team is one of the very first to work on NR and NMN projects and we started to supply fisetin for our NMN customers in 2020.

Like every new or niche product, there was no credible quality standard for fisetin.

Moreover, the market demand for fisetin is relatively low. Back then, our QC applied the product criteria and testing method according to fisetin suppliers.

An unexpected incident

One day, I walked into our lab and talked with a testing scientist by chance. We discussed the quality standards and the testing method for fisetin. The QC told me there was a super high impurity peak at a retention time of 30min as shown in the HPLC chromatograms. However, the HPLC analysis procedure of fisetin provided by our supplier only run for 20 minutes. I then talked to our purchasing manager and quality manager to find the exact quality standard and testing method we agreed on with the supplier.

It turned out that there are only internal standards for fisetin at that time, and HPLC analysis only reflects the level of purity but not the assay. I feel there was something wrong underlying the quality standard of fisetin.

The puzzle of reference sample

After finding out that the purity test of fisetin is not accountable. We immediately asked our purchasing and quality department to develop a sound testing method. But the trouble is that the authoritative reference institution such as USP, sigma, nifdc all have no standard reference for fisetin.

So, we randomly picked 3 major reference brands to get the standard reference for the assay tests of fisetin.

Unexpectedly, the testing result made the situation even more perplexing. The results vary widely on different standard references despite the same testing method and the same sample being used.

The puzzle of reference sample

The foxy purity

To solve the puzzle, our team tried to figure out the differences in a more systematic way. The result shows that to evaluate the quality of a product by purity is way too unreliable:

  • The majority of purity analyses only test for a certain period. Just like the fisetin we got, the sign of impurity that occurred at 30 minutes exceeded the instructed run time.
  • For purity analyses, samples are tested under the same wavelength, thus, some impurities are possibly not detected in this situation. Although full-wavelength analysis is the fundamental work for professional research, it is not the same story for most ingredient companies.
  • Some impurities, like inorganic contaminants, cannot be detected by HPLC analysis.

The purity test itself is finding impurities in a certain range, then subtracting the amount of impurities to get the level of purity.


However, if the means to measure impurities are not comprehensive, the conducted result is indeed inaccurate. Not to mention that many companies tend to use only one method for purity tests. Using a reference sample to comparatively test with other samples, and the converted result is called assay. Apparently, assay is a much more credible indicator of product quality than purity.

The helpless supply chain

When our team reported the situation to our fisetin manufacturers, their unprofessional responses made us helpless. The needs of our clients and the lack of expertise of manufacturers collectively pushed us to a fisetin dilemma.

Should we give up on fisetin? OR. Breaking out of the dilemma on our own? TO BE OR NOT TO BE, THIS IS THE QUESTION! We made our choice to face the problem and conquer it.

The standard of premium fisetin

What is the standard of premium fisetin? I think it should be:

> The clear product specification

> The scientific testing method

> The trusted reference samples

From here on, we started the journey of BeFisetin!

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