Why is BeFisetin™ called the standard of Fisetin?

Part 2- What it take to make BeFisetin the standard of fisetin?

For a dietary ingredient from a plant, the origin should be an essential part of a standard. Here we take a plant-extracted, Fisetin, as an example to illustrate the standard of a dietary ingredient.

Of course, we will start from the plant origin.

Fisetin is naturally present in many plants including strawberries, apples, and grapes. The use of Fisetin dates back to thousands of years ago and it was first isolated in 1833.

To select the right plant source for Fisetin extraction, we retrieved and studied the literature thoroughly. Cotinus coggygria Scop.(Smoketree) is the most studied source for Fisetin. What a coincidence, it has a long history of traditional medical use in China and Europe.

Smoketree grows widely in Asia and Europe but the traditionally used part of smoketree is its trunk. However, sustainable and eco-friendly development is Bonerge’s commitment. To extract Fisetin from branches instead of trunks, a series of studies are conducted at Bonerge for years.

Now all the Fisetin ingredient from Bonerge is extracted from branches.

Leaves and branches of smoke tree


LC-MS, IR, NMR, etc. are applied to confirm the molecular weight and chemical structure of Fisetin.


The validated HPLC method is applied at Bonerge to determine the purity of Fisetin. Other methods like LC-MS are used to identify its impurities.

HPLC diagram of our BeFisetin


Since no official RS is available, Bonerge sourced Fisetin RS globally and finally chooses a reputable from German as its external standard.

A trusted RS is like an impartial judge. While some suppliers use purity to mislead consumers intentionally, their Fisetin touted 98% purity might be less than 80% in assay.

Following compendial guidelines, Bonerge develops Befisetin™, the standard for Fisetin. With its slogan to be the standard of Fisetin, Befisetin™ will always be on the way to a higher standard of Fisetin.

BeFisetin™, is born to be the real high-quality Fisetin.

Some brand owners may feel cheated by their suppliers, and some consumers are deceived by brands. You can not tell the difference between superior and inferior ingredients by their appearance.

But imagine one day, you can tell the Fisetin is of top quality because BeFisetin™ is on the label and inside the bottle.

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